Over 100 years of experience insuring DSOs, dental schools, group practices, and individual dentists.


About DSO Advantage

DSO Advantage brings over 100 years of combined experience insuring DSO’s, group practices, dental schools, and individual dentists. We understand the risks associated with the business of dentistry on all levels and how to employ insurance and proven risk management techniques to address those risks effectively and efficiently. With offices in Texas and Virginia, we are never too far from the action.

DSO Advantage Services

DSO Advantage has unparalleled access to the leading insurance carriers in the nation.

Malpractice Insurance

DSO Advantage offers a wide variety of malpractice coverages through many of the nation’s leading insurance carriers. We provide a coordinated approach to make certain your entities and associates are properly covered.

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Workers’ Compensation

A growing practice can find it difficult to keep up with the changing exposure and costs associated with workers comp.  We can design a policy that integrates with your payroll provider, so you’ll never worry about whether a location is covered or you’re under or overpaying and you’ll avoid a large year end audit. 

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Property and General Liability

Remember your first location.  You bought a comprehensive insurance policy for that location that covered your owned property and the premises liability plus a bunch of other extra coverages. 

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Data Breach & Cyber Liability

Protecting your patients HIPAA Information is so important!  Your reputation as a professional is one of your most valuable assets. Not having a comprehensive Data Breach and Cyber Liability policy is one of your greatest vulnerabilities.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

When you were little, it was acceptable to include a small amount of EPLI coverage on your office policy. With EPLI claims on the rise, that’s no longer the case. 

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Commercial Auto

When you were small, you used to let your office manager use your or their personally owned vehicle when running errands for the practice.  As a large practice, the need for having specific vehicles titled in your practices name is the norm. 

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Umbrella Liability

Sometimes it rains…….hard!  Sometimes when it does, the underlying insurance policies you have in place are just not enough.  How much you can lose is often a function of how big you are. 

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Directors & Officers Insurance

Did your practice seat a board of directors? Are they insured for the actions they take?

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Fiduciary Liability

You and your employees have a lot invested in your 401k.  The standard ERISA bond required by the IRS is not insurance and provides no fiduciary protection. 

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Employee Benefits

One of the largest insurance expenses for any DSO is the cost of providing group health benefits to your employees.

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Key Dentist Loss of Earnings Coverage

Does your DSO have key dentist who produce a large revenue stream? DSO Advantage has options to protect your key producers.

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HR, HCM & Payroll Services

DSO Advantage is proud to offer HR, Human Capital Management “HCM” and Payroll Services.

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Benefitting over 10,000 dentists

We provide an exclusive Workers’ Compensation Program that can include integrated Payroll and HR Services.

When it comes to Malpractice Coverage, we have unparalleled access to the leading insurance carriers in the nation.