DSO Advantage offers a wide variety of malpractice coverages through many of the nation’s leading insurance carriers. We provide a coordinated approach to make certain your entities and associates are properly covered.


A common mistake made by a growing dental practice is allowing the associates to secure their own malpractice insurance.  Many times, the associate’s malpractice coverage doesn’t adequately protect the practice itself and you really don’t know from day to day whether those polices are even in force or not. Furthermore, this can leave gaps in coverage between the practice and associate’s policies and presents legal challenges where two opposing law firms are defending one claim.


Group malpractice insurance is a creative alternative to your associates providing their own coverage.  This policy is comprehensive in nature covering the management company, practice entities, associates, staff and even some risks that you haven’t even considered.  Better yet, the cost for group coverage is typically less than the total cost of the individual coverage it’s replacing.  The right group policy will scale with your practice no matter where you go or how fast you grow.  Just reach out and we’ll show you how easy it is.